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Scripting Service

Welcome to the D.S.A. Enterprises JAWS for Windows Scripting Service page. Below you will find a description of the services we offer. If you wish to engage our script writing staff to customize your installation of JAWS for any of your applications, please contact us at We would be more than happy to appraise either your system, or a specific software program, so that we might provide you with a viable custom setup of JAWS.


D.S.A. Enterprises of PA, Inc. provides customized JAWS for Windows script writing to offer you the ability to better operate your computer. Our Level of expertise in script writing is quite extensive. We have been building JAWS forWindows scripts since 1995, and our understanding of the JAWS software is extremely comprehensive, for we have been helping to provide technical support for the JAWS for Windows product under Henter-Joyce and Freedom Scientific for many years. Our expertise in JAWS script writing has enabled us to build sets of scripts for private individuals, businesses, and government agencies. Many of these scripts have been built on site, so we are willing to travel to on site locations if necessary, while others have been built in our offices on stand alone machines, or through remote connections.

We require the following items for all of our script writing projects:

If you have questions of whether or not your software application can be scripted to work with JAWS, you might be interested to know that we have seldom if ever found a program that is totally unusable with a screen reader. On the contrary, We have discovered that if the information that a specific program displays on the screen is in some way readable by the JAWS screen reader, then it can doubtless be customized to work with speech. You might wish to have us first remotely assess the software package, to see if it can be scripted, before continuing with a given application. If you are interested in contacting us about any of your script writing projects, you my do so by sending an e‑mail message to ,  or by calling us during normal business hours at (814) 629‑7262.