About Us

The History of D.S.A. Enterprises

D.S.A. Enterprises of PA, Inc. is located in South Central Pennsylvania. This company was formed to deliver both products and services that can be used to help blind and low-vision computer users to more easily operate their PC's. Starting in 1995, our company has had nearly two decades of experience in providing our customers with such products and services that will make them more competitive in the workplace, and more comfortable in using their own computers.

Over the years, we at D.S.A. Enterprises have supplied made-to-order JAWS scripts, customized and designed various web sites, and have provided computer training for private individuals, businesses and numerous government agencies. Some of our script writing clients have included, Standard Register in Dayton, OH, Ameritech Telephone Company in Cleveland, OH, Mount Carmel East Hospital in Columbus, OH, The State of South Carolina, the State of Oklahoma, the social security Administration in Baltimore, MD, Time Warner Cable in Columbus, Ohio, and Wake Med in Charleston, SC.

In all of this our goal has always been to supply the type of products and services, for visually impaired computer users, to operate their PC's effectively and efficiently in both personal and professional situations. If you have any questions about the products and services that we can provide, please feel free to contact us for .