Web Site Design

Designing Accessible Web Pages

Welcome to our web site designing page. One of the services we offer at D.S.A. Enterprises , is the design, modification, maintenance , and revision of web sites. All of the web sites that we support are specifically customized to be accessible to the visually impaired, who use access technology to browse the internet. The details of our web site support service are described below. If you are interested in our web site designing service,

The following guidelines are used in the construction of all of our accessible web site. The principles we have adopted are these:

Identify The Audience

One of the crucial purposes in communication is to both identify the people you’re talking to, and recognize their needs. So, in order to design your web site to attract the clientele you want to serve, you must identify your audiance. For example, if the proposed visitors to your web site are teenagers, or young adults, you would probably want many graphics, flashy colors, and even links to other trendy and interesting web sites. However, if you are looking to attract business people, and supply products and services for maintaining an office setting, you would want more text content, and fewer graphics. In order to accomplish this task, our staff at D.S.A. Enterprises will work hand in hand with you, and help you to pinpoint the group or groups that you want to attract to your web site.

Target The Purpose

After you have identified your audience, we can more accurately target what you want them to know. If your site is advertising products that are to be purchased by mail order, you’ll need to use numerous graphics and detailed descriptions of your products. Otherwise, if your web site is advertising a variety of services that you wish to provide for your customers, you will need even more comprehensive descriptions of the services that you propose to offer. We can help you compile the best type of informative descriptions, which you can use to tell your web site visitors about the goods and, or services you can supply.

Develop the Content

The final step in developing your web site is choosing the actual text and graphics you will need to reach your audience. Coupled with this is the way in which you want to present your goods and, or services to your customers. The following list of questions can be helpful in this area.

Once these questions have been answered, we will be able to plan just the type of web site you will need to have, to make your site successful. If you wish to consult with us about designing an accessible web site for you, please send us an e-mail for more .